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Stop Waiting Forever for a Tow

Nothing's worse than waiting endlessly for a tow truck, especially in emergency situations. We get it—that's why our Englewood towing service prioritizes rapid response times. Our team is dispatched immediately, ensuring that help arrives swiftly. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to fast, reliable assistance.

We know how frustrating delays can be. Our Englewood tow truck service is on standby to reach you fast, minimizing downtime and stress.

  • Avoid lengthy waits with our rapid response teams.

  • No more uncertainty—get real-time updates on our arrival.

  • Trust in our expertise to handle your heavy-duty, medium-duty, or light-duty towing needs safely and efficiently.

Two of Maxx Fleet's heavy duty tow trucks

Comprehensive Towing Solutions in Englewood

From heavy-duty to light-duty vehicles, our services cover it all. Our Englewood towing company is not just any towing service; we're a team of problem solvers ready to tackle challenges head-on. Whether it’s a commercial truck or your family car, we have the expertise and equipment to provide the assistance you need.

Heavy Duty Towing:

When it comes to handling the heaviest hauls in Englewood, our fleet is unmatched. We're equipped with the strength and expertise to tow anything from semi-trucks to construction machinery, ensuring your biggest challenges are met with reliable solutions, around the clock and across the map.

Maxx Fleet Heavy Towing Rig
Maxx Fleet Heavy Towing Rig

Englewood Towing Service:

Our roots run deep in Englewood, making us not just service providers but local experts attuned to the unique challenges of our community. From the bustling streets downtown to the serene outskirts, we navigate with precision, ensuring timely and efficient towing services tailored to Englewood's landscape.

Englewood Towing Company:

Trust is earned, and our team has built a reputation as Englewood's go-to towing solution. We're more than just a service; we're your neighbors, equipped with the latest tools and technology to tackle any challenge. Our commitment to safety, reliability, and professionalism makes us the company you can count on, day or night.

Englewood Tow Truck Service:

Our fleet is the heartbeat of our operation, featuring modern, well-maintained tow trucks ready to spring into action. Each vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and maintained to the highest standards, ensuring a swift, safe, and efficient response to every call. Whether you need light, medium, or heavy-duty towing, our trucks are standing by to provide the highest level of service.

Expert Medium-Duty Towing Solutions in Englewood, CO

For top-notch medium-duty towing services in Englewood, Colorado, you can count on the professionals at Maxx Fleet Services. We cater to a wide range of vehicles that fall under the medium-duty category. This includes box trucks, utility trucks, RVs, motorhomes, and small buses, ensuring a reliable solution for vehicles that are too heavy for light-duty towing but not quite as massive as those needing heavy-duty services. Our fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art tow trucks and highly trained professionals, ready to assist with any medium-duty towing needs. Whether you're dealing with a breakdown, accident, or any other roadside emergency in Englewood, CO, Maxx Fleet Services is your go-to for prompt, efficient, and safe towing solutions. Don't let a vehicle issue disrupt your day - Call Maxx Fleet Services now for the most dependable medium-duty towing service in town!

Need a Tow Truck for Your Car, Motorcycle or Light Truck – We Do Light Duty Towing in Englewood Too!

When you need a light-duty tow truck, Englewood residents call on Maxx Fleet Services. Light-duty towing is essential for handling most standard passenger vehicles, including sedans, small SUVs, motorcycles, and light trucks. These vehicles, which form the backbone of daily transportation for many, require the utmost care and expertise during towing to prevent any damage. At Maxx Fleet Services, we understand this need and are equipped with state-of-the-art tow trucks and skilled operators to ensure your vehicle's safe and secure transport. Whether you're stranded due to a flat tire, engine failure, an accident, or simply need a vehicle transported from one location to another, Maxx Fleet Services is your go-to tow truck company in Englewood. Our team of professionals is trained to handle a wide range of scenarios with precision and care, ensuring your vehicle is in safe hands. For immediate assistance, call now.

Heavy Duty Recovery

Colorado's highways are often effected by harsh weather and can become unpredictable and challenging to commercial trucks. The Maxx Fleet Service team has extensive knowledge and experience in providing fast and affordable Colorado highway recovery services. Offering year-round Colorado recovery services, their team provides, heavy truck recovery, RV recovery, winching, ditch extractions and ice recovery.

Towing Tractor Trailor

Trusted Partners - Customer Recommended

Maxx Fleet Service has built strong relationships within the community and area law enforcement departments to provide quality and reliable towing services. Maintaining a large tow truck fleet, they provide emergency responder support in Denver and throughout Colorado. They also partner with some of the nation's biggest towing and recovery networks who value Maxx Fleet Service for its prompt and professional services. Gaining the trust of these organizations occurred over years of providing the best Denver Towing Services available. 

Call Maxx Fleet Service at 303-295-6347 with the confidence you're hiring the community's trusted tow company.

A Few Words from Our Customers

Most Pleased

I had to have my Motorhome Towed 40 miles for repair. …Roadside Insurance sent Maxx Fleet Service out after 2 other towing services flaked out. The Tow Truck Drivers name was Jason. He was very professional and answered all my questions. . . . This was the first tow I have had in my life . . . and was most please with Jason’s work.

Knowledgeable & Fast

We had a tricky situation with a loaded flatbed that was stuck. Maxx was knowledgeable, fast and reasonably priced. Most importantly, they got us back on the road!

Very Kind People

They came out within less than 15 minutes to take my husbands plow truck out of a ditch in an extra heavy duty truck. They pulled it out effortlessly and then called a second tow truck that was there in less than 20 minutes to transport the truck to our mechanic. Very friendly kind people, tried to tip the driver and he wouldn’t take it.