Asset Recovery Services

Maxx Fleet Service provides complete asset recovery solutions for all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, heavy duty trucks and heavy equipment. With years of Denver Repo Companyexperience on staff and ready to assist in your asset recovery project, Maxx Fleet Service is the best choice in the Metro Denver area.

Maxx Fleet Service is committed to expert and professional asset recovery. Understanding your customer deserves to be treated in a fair and professional manner, their expert asset recovery team recover your collateral in a fast and professional manner. They take pride in securing vehicles in a safe, damage free manner while treating the debtor with the respect that they deserve. Their asset recovery services are offered for all vehicles from small cars to tractor trailers and motorcycles to all other recreational equipment.

Maxx Fleet Service manages a large operation maintaining a fleet of light duty and heavy duty towing trucks, heavy hauling trucks and other equipment. Their team is experienced and prepared to handle any recovery situation and are able to cover up-front and operating fees for qualified clients. Contact their office today to learn more about the asset recovery services offered by Maxx Fleet Service.

Technology Leader in Denver Asset Recovery

Maxx Fleet Service employs all valid technology to ensure fast and affordable asset recovery for its clients. They employ LPR technology (license plate recognition), access the DRN (digital recognition network) and are C.A.R.S. (Certified Asset Recovery Specialist) endorsed. Maxx Fleet Service also employees Re-Pros Software Partners.

Heavy Duty Asset Recovery

Maxx Fleet Service maintains a fleet of heavy duty tow trucks and heavy equipment hauling rigs. They are prepared to provide asset recovery solutions for all types of heavy trucks and heavy equipment including construction equipment, tractors, trailers and heavy machinery. Contact Denver's professional asset recovery team now by calling 303-295-6347.

Technology Enabled Asset Recovery

Maxx Fleet Service’s commitment to excellence is based on years of understanding in the field. They employ the latest technology to ensure fast recovery of your asset and minimal challenges along the way. They utilize the Digital Recognition Network (DRN) License Plate Recognition technology to locate your collateral in conjunction with traditional methods. Their DRN equipped vehicle works with a national network of LPR camera-equipped vehicles creating an asset location solution. DRN integrates with the RDN repossession database so that if any camera vehicle nationwide has spotted that plate a recovery will commence. This technology has reduced the average number of days to repossession.

Fully Insured Asset Recovery

Maxx Fleet Service's asset recovery team is fully covered by Professional Repossession Insurance. Understanding the importance of protecting their clients, Maxx Fleet Service carries specialized asset recovery insurance as another measure of professionalism.